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The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority,
but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane - Marcus Aurelius

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This service was inspired by a desire to help women, but no one is excluded.
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Oana Olteanu


People with passion can change the world for the better. But many of them have been held back by bias in an unjust system, and that's a loss. The world changes for the better if good people contribute and start new companies. Good people are very often diverse people. I'm advocating for opportunities so people can help themselves and not for lowering the bar. is for all people who help build a company, no matter their role in it. Here, we create opportunities for ALL people to bring their full selves to tech and unlock their potential to build and celebrate them.

ALL people belong in startups. I may lead with “women” because the dividing lines in the industry have been so clear, and that has been my experience first hand—but I mean that all people in startups. Regardless of ethnicity, economic background, technical skills, age, physical ability, location, or education.


CEO and hire at Mimoto

The data scientist you introduced to me last year is fantastic! We recently promoted her to Lead Data Science. She’s now building out the MLOps and Data Science Team. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this critical member of our team! changed my life. I met my current company through the site and I finally found a place where I can truly thrive. It's amazing to have a place to go where you know that companies want women to excel in their roles. I feel so appreciated in what I contribute and wouldn't have found Mimoto without

CEO and hire at Preemo was a phenomenal resource for us and we were able to fill some mission critical roles with great candidates as a result.

For me, helped me realize the space in which I can make an impact not just with my work but where I could step into leadership as a woman. I jumped into the tech world from academia with very little understanding or preparation for this new space and did not know that so few women choose startups. This surprised me because coming from an external world into tech, startups seemed to me to be the most flexible and intimate environment that allows for maximal growth and creativity, which is exactly what I wanted.

CEO and hire at Skyflow

The #1 problem I faced as a founder in hiring women was sourcing. With the help of, I was able to go from having zero women executives to more than half my leadership team today!

In a world full of tech and privacy recruiters who charge to join a networking group, career coaching, or obtain a placement fee to place you in a role, it’s refreshing to have someone out there to naturally support other women to help them be successful in technology. Oana is clearly both passionate and authentic about helping women in technology, making solid connections, and building longterm trustworthy relationships.

And many more...

Hey, I just wanted to say that I came across this website and feel so SEEN! I'm so happy that someone who is passionate about this is committing to creating a world with more women in product and women CEOs. Thank you!

I followed Oana on LinkedIn and decided to join this community after I came across her posts on LinkedIn. She is using this community to get womxn access to what in my opinion are jobs and resources that are maybe unintentionally biased for men. While I have seen support groups for women in their own field, this one actively helps people break into other fields.