1. Be visible.

  1. You know what you know.

  1. What you say matters. What you do matters.

  1. Be bold. There are millions just like you who are successful in STEM. And you can be cute, you can be athletic, you can be smart—all these things and more. You don’t have to be in that one box. Be. Bold.

  1. Dare people to see you. Dare people to challenge you.

  1. Dare to contribute. Dare to belong, especially when you feel like you don’t.

  1. Pave new paths and pioneer new technologies. Inspire.

  1. Embrace your passion—especially in subjects or roles you’re not “supposed to” be good in. Embrace where you are. Keep moving forward.  

  1. Hear compliments. You’ll experience micro-aggressions, especially in the language used to describe you—but don’t take these words as a hit. If you do, you risk telling yourself, “I did just enough, but I stopped doing more so I wouldn’t stand out.” Second-generation gender bias is language that, on the surface, seems nonsexist but is used to discriminate against women for not following preconceived gender norms. She is: difficult, unhinged, pushy, aggressive, emotional, crazy. Show them what crazy can do. Hear compliments instead.
  • Emotional: “Yes I am emotional about my work, thank you so much for recognizing my passion, it means a lot to me.”
  • Aggressive: “Thanks for noticing that I’m tenacious.”

  1. Stretch the possible. Build. Just do it.

Inspired by: Alexis Scott, Amy Kalokerinos and others.